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Wall Street donors

Who would donate to drive a socialist agenda? … Who have lived for generations on on earned interest income without doing any real work at all? … The Invisible Enemy. They call themselves The Invisible Hand. And in that hand they HOLD cash paper money US dollars. Lots. It is …

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More from V’s penthouse (part II)

MISSED PART I? read A VISIT TO V’S PLACE here V: “It’s hot in here. Are you hot Angel? Let’s go out on the veranda and discuss this heat problem; I mean the climate situation. Please join us Mr.Sir friend President Trump.” President Trump: Looking up at the stars “Angel, …

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Lullaby by Beatrix Potter

Bedtime for Angel and V. It is late but just now getting dark, and there is a mystical sparkling crystal clear purple edge of moonlight which outlines all of the green plants where Angel and V are having tea in the courtyard of the palace of The Beast. It reflects …

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Downloading the message

Jesus and Angel NicGillicuddy have something else in common besides enlightening the people about the consequences of using the hoardable form of money and the manipulation and Usury which it inspires. They also both try to help the prostitutes in the very confusing predicament which the consequence of using hoardable …

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