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The show stopper

President Trump to the press corps; โ€œI read an interesting article in the news the other day. Here is what it says. I have it here right in front of me. Maybe the formal declaration to begin demurrage charges on The US dollar will not even be necessary. We will …

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Cheaters will be caught

Late one night I heard a very subtle knock upon the door. I just went with my gut and answered. I drew the door back slowly and I saw nothing through the crack and still nothing even as the door became wide-open. I was puzzled. Something made me look down …

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Definitely a plan (part I & II)

Again sitting high up in the crowโ€™s nest of the good ship Moo-La, Angel recalls watching closely the first time President Trump visited Poland, shortly after he entered office. What a beautiful meeting. And now watching closely Poland visiting The White House, it is even more clear that of course …

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Uncle Tom’s cabin revisited

The slave ships of long ago never returned to their country of origin empty-handed. The shipโ€™s captain sold slaves for lots of cash and then he bought goods. And the cash which they received for the slaves they sold was much more than what was needed to fill the boat …

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Trump won’t go broke

President Trump wonโ€™t go broke in the end like Robert Morris. He will in fact, by the time he declares demurrage on The US dollar, be also addressing our flawed system of Land Tenure; The Antiquated System of Land Ownership. He knows the problem well. Do you believe that President …

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