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Trump, Pope Francis and some Good News

Journal Entry July 29, 2021“Great Rest in Great Hope.” Silvio Gesell It is a beautiful summer day.There is a light breeze in the air.The Air Magic *is stirring up some movementand giving more lifeto this important Missionto declare demurrage on the US dollar.* Conversation Today I hand-delivered,(it is the surest …

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Pope Francis Visit to Lebanon strictly focusing on The Money Strategy

IndeedThe ChurchesCAN provideThe Antidotestraight fromThe Alter.The Church can use it’s ownCash Resourcesas The Bridgeto The Natural Economic Order(ref. Silvio Gesell)and Civil Peaceandfor putting usimmediatelyon The Pathfor Preparing The Kingdomand The Promised Landfor God To Come.The Ransom paid in full.Thereafterto NEVER againFALLinto The Credit Trap,which uses the hoardable form of moneyas …

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Pope meets Iraq top Shiite clerics in peace bid

Pope Francis held a historic meeting with Iraq’s top Shi’ite cleric Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani on Saturday, in a powerful appeal for coexistence in a land torn by sectarianism and violence. Francis’s meeting in the holy southern city of Najaf, during a whirlwind and risky tour of Iraq, marked the …

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Churches of Mosul on Pope’s tour to repair ISIS damage

In Mosul, adjacent to the Biblical city of Nineveh, four churches representing different denominations occupy a small square surrounded by low-rise houses, testament to the role Iraq’s once flourishing Christian community played. Today, all four churches are either damaged or destroyed after Islamic State militants occupied the city from 2014-2017, …

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Inside The Trump Train on the way to Iran

Angel NicGillicuddy asks President Trump about some recent news. “The Pope has just made a deal to sell The Church as an ad platform to promote The Council for Inclusive Capitalism with The Vatican. The Catholic Church is beyond broke. They suffer serious loss of income from tourism and collections …

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Pope Francis avoids the term Rohingya in Burma speech following meeting with Aung San Suu Kyi

Perhaps as important as what Pope Francis said during his key speech in Burma on Tuesday was what he didn’t say. Speculation had mainly circled around the question of whether the pope would use the term “Rohingya” to describe the country’s Muslim minority, which has been the target of a brutal military “clearance operation.” Rohingya Muslims are not officially recognized as …

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