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By Russell Morris   It is the day after the new moon ceremony And just to stay aligned with the effects of their magical ceremony, and in order to remain clear and awake and aware, The Beast and Angel NicGillicuddy call upon their very special Oracle Guide. 6:00 on Wednesday …

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Sequel to ShiBboLeTh

I can see That President Trump and his team Have done a good job To flush lots of the CASH US paper dollars Back into circulation From The Dark Realms. The tariffs are a good example of this and so is The Middle East Peace Deal (Kushner and Team) And …

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Poem by Lubna Ghanem

A Show Darkened darkened heavy inside Demolition on the sides Buildings up, buildings down People ready to collide. Give me feeling to arise Give me strength for I cut ties With the world, north to south I am a victim of its lies. Photograph me from head to toe Display …

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