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“DON’T WORRY, Egypt’s National Security is a red line that can not be crossed”, says President El Sisi

During the presidential initiative “decent life” at the Cairo Stadium, Egyptain president Abdel Fattah El-Sisi spoke to the Egyptian people about many issues that concern the country in this difficult period of human history, while the government is giving all efforts to provide a decent life for Egyptians through the …

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Friday, bloodiest day so far in Ethiopian conflict

Ethiopia’s state-appointed human rights commission said on Friday that security forces killed at least 76 people and wounded nearly 200 during violent unrest in June and July that followed the killing of a popular singer. The commission also detailed brutality by civilians involved in the clashes, saying some attackers beheaded …

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Khartoum threatened by latest Nile floods

Flood waters in Sudan have reached the highest levels on record, killing dozens of people, destroying thousands of homes and encroaching on some neighbourhoods of the capital Khartoum. The flooding comes despite Ethiopia starting to fill the reservoir behind a giant new dam upstream on the Blue Nile in July. …

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