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Captured by Two Winged Soldiers on Horseback

By Russel Morris   New moon Dear Beast, I have been ceased By Two Winged Soldiers on horseback. Gently. Actually, They just showed me a document And asked me To come along. I know this document very well. It is Aktive Currency Policy. Silvio shared it with us In the …

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Before ShiBboLeTh

By Angel NicGillicudy | What is the connection between Vikings, Celts, and Egypt and Bagpipes? The Story of Money ( a Children’s Story, for Adults too ) The money CASH From the Viking Explorations came to The Levant Region first to The Egyptian   Magicians, in response to their quest to …

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Sequel to ShiBboLeTh

I can see That President Trump and his team Have done a good job To flush lots of the CASH US paper dollars Back into circulation From The Dark Realms. The tariffs are a good example of this and so is The Middle East Peace Deal (Kushner and Team) And …

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ISIS growing in numbers, money

By Ash Gallagher for AL-MONITOR — The Islamic State (ISIS) claimed responsibility for the attacks against Shiites in Qatif and Damman, Saudi Arabia, on May 22 and 29, respectively. To date, some 35 armed militant groups are thought to have pledged allegiance to IS around the world, including Ansar al-Sharia …

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