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VAT increased from 5% to 15% in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s government is suspending the cost of living allowance and raising the value added tax (VAT) threefold, as part of measures aimed to shore up state finances, which have been battered by low oil prices and the coronavirus. “Cost of living allowance will be suspended as of June first, …

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Saudi Arabia scraps execution for minors

Saudi Arabia will no longer impose the death sentence on individuals who committed crimes while still minors, the state-backed Human Rights Commission (HRC) said in a statement, citing a royal decree by King Salman. “The decree means that any individuals who received a death sentence for crimes committed while he …

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Saudi deputy crown prince lands in Washington

Saudi Arabia’s powerful deputy crown prince and defense minister, Mohammed bin Salman has landed in the United States for meetings today with US President Barack Obama and high-ranking US officials. Talks will cover regionals issues, including Syria, Yemen, Iran and the Islamic State. The visit will also include a meeting …

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