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Facebook cracks down on private surveillance companies of targeting users

Facebook owner Meta Platforms Inc is calling out half a dozen private surveillance companies for hacking or other abuses, accusing them in a report https://about.fb.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/Threat-Report-on-the-Surveillance-for-Hire-Industry.pdf published Thursday of collectively targeting about 50,000 people across its platforms. The company’s fight with the spy firms comes amid a wider move by American …

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Facebook puts profits ahead of user safety, reveals whistleblower

US lawmakers pounded Facebook on Tuesday, accusing CEO Mark Zuckerberg of pushing for higher profits while being cavalier about user safety and they demanded regulators investigate whistleblower accusations that the social media company harms children and stokes divisions. During a Senate Commerce subcommittee hearing, whistleblower Frances Haugen called for transparency about …

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Facebook Scandal May Impact China Overseas Surveillance Plans

China is turning artificial intelligence, face scanning, and other Big Data systems into new tools domestically to enhance the communist party’s command and control systems. The party’s methods of surveillance and increasing use of technology present an interesting contrast with the ongoing scandal concerning the scraping and manipulation of Facebook …

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A Project to Connect Refugee Camps to the Internet- Zuckerberg

The Levant News — Mark Zuckerberg, chief executive of Facebook, promoted access to the Internet as “an enabler of human rights” and a “force for peace” on Saturday, as he announced that his company would help the United Nations bring Internet connections to refugee camps. “It’s not all altruism,” Mr. Zuckerberg …

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