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Virus ‘Disaster in the Making’ in war-torn Syria

As Europe and the United States struggle to contain the coronavirus pandemic, experts warn that disaster looms in war-torn Syria, where hospitals are unable to meet existing needs and hygiene conditions are dire. The outbreak has infected more than 1.8 million people and killed more than 112,000 around the world …

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Asad vs Regime of Warring Jihadis

SANA SANA / REUTERSAssad during an interview with a Croatian newspaper. Damascus, Syria. April 6. by Graham E. Fuller — How should we understand U.S. President Donald Trump’s cruise missile barrage last week against a Syrian airbase? In one sense, it might be a tactical triumph for his administration: cruise missile attacks …

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Syria and Unwarranted Optimism

By Kamran Bokhari for Stratfor — Since Putin announced Russia’s withdrawal, diplomats and media have been unreasonably hopeful about the future of the Syrian civil war. Russia’s military drawdown from Syria soon after the ceasefire has created a strange sense of optimism in the media regarding peace talks. Any substantive …

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Why Isis fights

Jihadi fighters in Iraq and Syria reveal the apocalyptic motivations of the militant movement that has hijacked the Syrian uprising – and transformed the Middle East THE LEVANT NEWS – By Martin Chulov for THE GUARDIAN — For more than a century, Dabiq was one of northern Syria’s forsaken villages, …

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A Look At ISIS’ Exploiting Of Social Media

THE LEVANT EXCLUSIVE – By Dr. Haytham Mouzahem* — ISIS utilizes social media to promote its military and terrorist attacks in Syria and Iraq; where it set a complex strategic plan to use these platforms for the mentioned purpose. And with the outset of ISIS’ attack on Mosul and other …

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Crimea: Islamist Movements and Danger of Radicalization

THE LEVANT EXCLUSIVE – By Julia Lugovska – Kiev- Ukraine – The issue of Crimean Tatars, who survived terrible Sürgün – mass deportation from Crimea by Joseph Stalin on 18 May 1944, and who returned back home after Ukraine gained its independence, remains still unresolved and very sensitive, as Ukrainian …

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