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Dr. Csicsery-Ronay Istvan on The Golden Mean between Local and Global SF

Emad El-Din Aysha: Dear Dr. Csicsery-Ronay Istvan. First please let me apologise for saying doctor. In Arabic countries we take such honorifics very seriously, even when speaking English. Secondly, please tell us something about yourself. Where you teach, your background? What drew you to science fiction and specifically non-Anglophone SF? …

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Croatia ‘Forcing’ Hungary To Take In Migrants

The Levant – – More than 20,000 migrants, have streamed into Croatia since Hungary on Tuesday barred their route to the European Union through its southern border with Serbia with a metal fence, tear gas and water cannon. Croatia said on Saturday it had “forced” Hungary to take in thousands of …

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Route to Hungary is closed, Migrants left distressed

The Levant News — The war devastated migrants were left stranded by Hungary as they closed their main root. Now the migrants are making a new way via cornfields into European Union by crossing Serbia’s western border. Croatia said it was urgently sending demining experts to the border area to …

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