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Uzbekistan becomes a country of tourists

Tourism in Uzbekistan has always drawn people from far and wide. For anyone who knows about the country, this is easy to understand – bright colours, intricate patterns, rich flavours, and friendly people await every visitor. Traces remain of great empires that have long since been blown away by the …

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Umm Al Qaiwain temple could be world heritage site

With its programme of conservation of the pre-Islamic temple at the 2,000 year old archaeological site of ed-Dur now completed, the Department of Tourism and Antiquities of Umm Al Qaiwain is now keen to have the temple and the whole area of ed-Dur inscribed on the World Heritage list of …

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Damascus: The Charm of an Ancient City

by Ibaa Younis*   Damascus is the capital of Syria and one of the most ancient and continuously inhabited cities in the world. The city is clearly divided into two parts; old and new. In this sense, it combines the present time features and the deep-rootedness of the past. The charm …

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