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The MLK Day Spell If I were Biden

The magic spell for casting upon all the sleepers. Just follow these steps. First, declare demurrage on The US dollar. The good foundation has been laid by President Trump. 2. Use the Post Offices * they’re in every corner of The Globe, for stamping the backs of paper money to …

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The MOO-LA pulls up to Doral

Tonight Angel NicGillicuddy‘s great ship The Moo-La is floating just off the coast of the great city Doral, Florida. Angel and Barron are sitting high up in the crow’s nest. Here is the report: Meetings are going well for The New Southern Confederation of The Americas. This time it won’t …

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Cheaters will be caught

Late one night I heard a very subtle knock upon the door. I just went with my gut and answered. I drew the door back slowly and I saw nothing through the crack and still nothing even as the door became wide-open. I was puzzled. Something made me look down …

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