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Tough questions await new Trump nominees as Senate gears up for hearings

President Donald Trump’s two new cabinet nominees are expected to be greeted with tough questions about the administration’s posture toward Russia, the possibility of an unprecedented summit with North Korea, the Iranian nuclear deal and torture when they face the U.S. Senate in coming weeks. The president’s abrupt firing of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson Tuesday …

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Who is containing whom?

by Graham E. Fuller Over the years “containment” has been a key US political instrument by which it has sought to isolate, starve out, or excommunicate from the “international community” regimes unwilling to accept the US-dominated world order. Yet the great irony today is that this very US policy of …

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Ukrainian crisis deepens despite Milan talks

THE LEVANT EXCLUSIVE –  Exclusive from Kiev, By Julia Lugovska – Situation in Eastern Ukrainian Donbas region still remains extremely tense, with the continuous shelling of the position of Ukrainian military and of the cities and local villages by the pro-Russian terrorists and Russian troops. Despite the recent talks held in …

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Obama team wanted US out of Iraq, says Panetta

THE LEVANT – Former Pentagon chief Leon Panetta has denounced the White House in a new memoir, accusing President Barack Obama’s top aides of undercutting efforts to secure a deal in 2011 that could have kept US troops in Iraq. Retaining a small US force would have helped contain sectarian …

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