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The MOO-LA pulls up to Doral

Tonight Angel NicGillicuddy‘s great ship The Moo-La is floating just off the coast of the great city Doral, Florida. Angel and Barron are sitting high up in the crow’s nest. Here is the report: Meetings are going well for The New Southern Confederation of The Americas. This time it won’t …

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Russia ‘test-fires hypersonic Kinzhal missile’

Russia says it has successfully test-launched a hypersonic missile, one of a range of nuclear-capable weapons announced by President Vladimir Putin earlier this month. The country’s defence ministry released video footage showing the missile detaching from a fighter jet and leaving a fiery trail behind it. It said the intended …

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Trump, Clinton run close in Ohio, Florida and elsewhere

By Amanda Becker and John Whitesides for Reuters — Republican Donald Trump held slight leads in the vital battleground states of Florida, Virginia and Ohio on Tuesday, clinging to a narrow advantage over Democrat Hillary Clinton in key states that could decide their race for the White House. With voting completed in …

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