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President Trump

by Graham E. Fuller* — The very words hit the ear as a shock; the mind is not ready for it. And that is exactly the problem. We could not see it coming. Among other things this tawdry and interminable election represents a massive American intelligence failure. Not failure of …

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World in shock as Trump surges to victory in U.S.

By Noah Barkin for Reuters |BERLIN |Governments from Asia to Europe reacted with stunned disbelief on Wednesday to the victory of Donald Trump in the U.S. presidential election, while populists hailed the result as a triumph of the people over a failed political establishment. German Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen, an …

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Trump, Clinton run close in Ohio, Florida and elsewhere

By Amanda Becker and John Whitesides for Reuters — Republican Donald Trump held slight leads in the vital battleground states of Florida, Virginia and Ohio on Tuesday, clinging to a narrow advantage over Democrat Hillary Clinton in key states that could decide their race for the White House. With voting completed in …

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Long lines, raised voices, one Trump lawsuit on U.S. election day

By Andy Sullivan for Reuters| WASHINGTON Voters reported long lines, malfunctioning equipment, and isolated cases of harassment at polling places in Tuesday’s U.S. presidential election as fears of bigger problems did not appear to be materializing. Civil rights groups said they were receiving complaints about intimidating behavior at voting sites in …

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Commentary: The election might be crazy, but the polling numbers aren’t

By Chris Jackson and Alanna Spurlock for Reuters —  It looks like this absurd and lurid presidential election will remain unpredictable until the end. Between the FBI’s on-again, off-again investigations of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton’s private email server, the “you can do anything” comments about women from Republican rival Donald Trump …

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Clinton to Donor: In Next War, I’ll Let Israel Kill 200,000, Not Just 2,000, Gazans

THE LEVANT NEWS — by  Boaz Bulbulovitz — Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton has penned a controversial letter to a major Jewish donor vowing to offer Israel “total” support in its next confrontation with the Gaza Strip’s Islamist rulers. The leaked letter, sent last week to Israeli-American media mogul Haim Saban, promises to …

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