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Alan Moore charges superheroes with Brexit amd Trump

“Watchmen” creator Alan Moore shared his belief in 2017 that superhero movies’ impact on popular culture was “tremendously embarrassing,” and the comic book icon remains just as critical of Marvel and DC films three years later. In a new interview with Deadline to tout his feature film “The Show,” Moore says he remains retired from writing comic …

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The Follow-Up of Follow-Ups: What does the lighter side of an alien invasion-abduction have in common with Hollywood’s crisis of manhood?

By Emad El-Din Aysha, PhD I have written an article a long time ago about a horror-SF movie I watched largely against my will, Dark Skies (2013), which fits into my longstanding research on sexual anxieties and alien abduction scenarios. I’d been thinking of writing a follow-up for some time …

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