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Iran weighs options in Syria after the Caesar Act

The US Treasury imposed mandatory sanctions on Syria on June 17, targeting foreign persons and entities for economic activities that support the Syrian government‚Äôs ability to wage war. The Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act targets beneficiaries of the Syrian conflict including Iran, and signals that the United States will not …

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Syria blocks Israeli missile attack on Halab

Syrian air defences thwarted an Israeli missile attack on a research centre and a military base in the northern province of Aleppo state media said on Monday in the fifth such strikes in two weeks on suspected Iranian targets. The Syrian army said in a statement that Israel hit military …

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Syrian regime turns on its business allies

Sanctions-hit Syrian tycoon Rami Makhlouf on Sunday said that security forces were arresting employees at his diversified companies in what he said was ‚Äúmounting pressure‚ÄĚ on him days after Syrian authorities asked him to pay hefty taxes. Makhlouf, a maternal cousin of President Bashar al-Assad and widely considered part of …

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Virus ‘Disaster in the Making’ in war-torn Syria

As Europe and the United States struggle to contain the coronavirus pandemic, experts warn that disaster looms in war-torn Syria, where hospitals are unable to meet existing needs and hygiene conditions are dire. The outbreak has infected more than 1.8 million people and killed more than 112,000 around the world …

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Leader of breakaway South Ossetia meets Assad in Syria

The leader of¬†South¬†Ossetia, a¬†Russian-backed breakaway region of¬†Georgia, met Moscow‚Äôs ally¬†Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in Damascus on Monday,¬†Syrian state media reported. South¬†Ossetia‚Äôs President Anatoly Bibilov is on a three-day visit to¬†Syria¬†two months after Damascus recognized his country‚Äôs independence, the¬†Syrian state news agency SANA reported. South¬†Ossetia¬†and Abkhazia broke away from¬†Georgia¬†in wars in …

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Hersh’s Big Scoop: Bad Intel Behind Trump’s Syria Attack

Legendary investigative reporter Seymour Hersh is challenging the Trump administration‚Äôs version of events surrounding the April 4 ‚Äúchemical weapons attack‚ÄĚ on the northern Syrian town of Khan Sheikhoun ‚Äď though Hersh had to find a publisher in Germany to get his information out. In the Sunday edition of¬†Die Welt,¬†Hersh¬†reports¬†that his …

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