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The MOO-LA pulls up to Doral

Tonight Angel NicGillicuddy‘s great ship The Moo-La is floating just off the coast of the great city Doral, Florida. Angel and Barron are sitting high up in the crow’s nest. Here is the report: Meetings are going well for The New Southern Confederation of The Americas. This time it won’t …

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Full moon money eclipse

Sitting together out back of the White House. Watching the full moon rise. Having cookies and milk. “Let’s rap a little.” Barron nods. And Angel begins the exchange: “ I think we should write a speech for your Dad about The Basic Income with demurrage, to be used as a …

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Chess, Trump and Angel

continuing from the previous chapter: As Angel is standing there just soaking up the sun, Barron walks up. “Game of Chess?” Barron asks. “Sure” Angel replies. Barron: “ I have a great place to play.” He leads her to The Black Barracuda, and soon they are at The White House, …

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