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Uncle Tom’s cabin revisited

The slave ships of long ago never returned to their country of origin empty-handed. The ship’s captain sold slaves for lots of cash and then he bought goods. And the cash which they received for the slaves they sold was much more than what was needed to fill the boat …

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Chess, Trump and Angel

continuing from the previous chapter: As Angel is standing there just soaking up the sun, Barron walks up. “Game of Chess?” Barron asks. “Sure” Angel replies. Barron: “ I have a great place to play.” He leads her to The Black Barracuda, and soon they are at The White House, …

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Where has pennywise gone

New moon Angel sits at the opening to the street drain for a long time she has been sitting there. She heard so much talk; gossip about IT IT IT. She’s been coming to sit by the drain for days now waiting on Pennywise to appear. She’s not afraid. Why? …

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Trump Leverage Card

In his hand President Trump holds The demurrage card; his authority to declare demurrage on The US dollar. He doesn’t have to use it yet however. It’s enough that The Fed know that he has this card which makes them more of a listening partner and investor. It is important …

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