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US to give $500 million to Tunis

The United States will grant Tunisia $500 million in aid to finance infrastructure and other projects and talks are also advanced on a loan guarantee, Tunisian finance minister Ali Kooli told Reuters on Monday. “Our visit to Washington was important and fruitful with International Monetary Fund, World Bank and American …

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The show stopper

President Trump to the press corps; “I read an interesting article in the news the other day. Here is what it says. I have it here right in front of me. Maybe the formal declaration to begin demurrage charges on The US dollar will not even be necessary. We will …

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Cheaters will be caught

Late one night I heard a very subtle knock upon the door. I just went with my gut and answered. I drew the door back slowly and I saw nothing through the crack and still nothing even as the door became wide-open. I was puzzled. Something made me look down …

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Separtists steal billions from Saudi convoy

Southern separatists in Yemen seized a consignment of billions of riyals intended for the central bank in Aden on Saturday, in a further attempt to wrench control from the Saudi-backed government since declaring self rule in the south in April. Forces loyal to the Southern Transitional Council (STC), which declared …

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Abu Dhabi spending billions in Mali

Abu Dhabi Fund for Development, ADFD, will provide AED1 billion to support the balance of payments and national housing project in Mali. ADFD has signed two agreements with the Government of Mali. These include an AED918 million (US$250 million) concessionary loan to support the balance of payments in the country …

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