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Syrian Opposition Eager to Set up Joint Military Command Centre

Syrian opposition sources revealed that there are consultations between the opposition factions to coordinate a joint military operations room in the north of Syria, similar to that of the Fatah army.

In the absence of details about the prospective project, in the shadow of the parties concerned and influential, the sources talked about meetings held in Idlib between delegates of different factions. The operations room of the “Fatah Army” was formed in 2015 and was able to control large areas of Idlib and reach areas in the western Hama countryside.

The idea of ​​working along the lines of “conquest” was expressed by the Saudi jihadis leader Abdullah al-Muhaysni, who resigned from HTS. He said, “there will be a formation similar to the Fatah army.” After his mediation and the agreement between the groups, few days ago.

The sources spoke of a meeting of leaders in the movement of “Nurridin al-Zanki” and “HTS” and “Ahrar al-Sham” during the mediation of the agreement, which came after days of fighting, against the backdrop of mutual arrests between the HTS and “Nurridin al-Zanki” group. Activists said representatives of the TIP and the Free Army had declared their willingness to participate.According to the sources, the idea is currently being discussed, without any practical steps on the ground, with the initial consensus of everyone on the general idea.

The sources described what is happening as “preliminary discussions that pave the way for practical steps in the future”, ending with the formation of a “joint operations room led by everyone and binding them.”

The HTS, the Ahrar al-Cham, the Sham Corps, the Sham Guards, the Turkestan Islamic Party, the Army of the Sunna, and other groups were part of the Fatah Army.

The “Sham Front” and “Nur al-Din al-Zanki” formed the “Fatah al-Aleppo” operations room in 2015.

There is no talk of coordination of military action in the region, as there were previous negotiations for attempts to integrate but failed, at a time when activists called for the revival of the “army of conquest” early this year, using the label “re-formed the army of conquest.”

Source: Enab Baladi site

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