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Syrian children are trained as terrorists in Turkey

THE LEVANT EXCLUSIVE – By Catherine Shakdam – This Thursday the BBC published a report in which Mark Lowen recalls his encounter with a Syrian child, a child who claimed he was on his way to join Daash, aka ISIL in Syria.

The boy who said he wanted to be named as Abu Hattab, explained how about a year ago he became radicalized into Daash doctrine, brain-washed into believing the religious aberration which Daash claims to be Islamic truth.

Abu Hattab told his interviewer that it was in Turkey he was trained into the art of Daash war, taught through video games and indoctrinated via videos and online interactions with terror instructors and handlers.

Only a boy, Abu Hattab has become yet another face, yet another cog in Daash’s war machine.

Lowen wrote, “Now he spends his days online, watching jihadist videos and chatting on Facebook to IS fighters.”

When BBC last spoke to Abu Hattab, the boy-terrorist was getting ready for his first rotation into Syria … it will probably be his last.

Proud Abu Hattab told his interviewers, “”I like Islamic State because they pursue Sharia and kill infidels, non-Sunnis and those who converted from Islam … The people killed by Islamic State are American agents. We must behead them as Allah said in the Quran.”

He went on saying, “Britain should be attacked because it’s in Nato and is against Islamic State,” he says, “but we would kill only those who deserve it. If they ask me to attack Turkey and give me a holy order, I would do it. Soon the West will be finished.”

Standing behind him, his mother; a woman who asked to be called Fatma.

Here is what Abu Hattab’s mum had to say of her son’s ambitions.

“War makes children grow up fast. I want him to become a future leader – an emir … I would not be sad if he killed Westerners. I’m ashamed that my other sons are working peacefully for civil society groups – they must take up arms.”

If ever anyone needed reminding that Daash is inherently evil and perverse, a mother’s desire to sacrifice her flesh and blood to the canons should stand a blaringly obvious reminder.


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