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Shaer_oil field in Homs- Syria

Syrian Army recaptures Shaer Gas Field

The Levant Exclusive  – By Zainab B. Mashi – Damascus –

The ISIS recent attempts to infiltrate the biggest Syrian gas field, “Shaer”, East of Homs – Syria, have failed. The ISIS is seeking to control the airport (T4) from the field’s area. After a week of the ISIS control of the Shaer field,the Syrian army has recaptured the mountain of Shaer, 120 Km from the city of Homs.

Sources told The Levant that the military operation has been done in two phases: The first phase was the control of Al-Mahr field and the the Zamlat Al-Mahr field, known as “Syriatel”, in the highest hills overlooking, and the general route leading to it.

The second phase was remarked by the entrance of the Syrian forces in the Shaer field through the village of Qarat Al-tahhin. Other forces have come from the village of Okairabat to cut the “Jihadits’” logistic routes between Okairbat and Shaer.

The ferocity of the fighting, according to military sources, comes from the recent battles last July, when the Syrian army regained its control of the field following the ISIS’ assault last summer.


Shaer field









According to Syrian sources, the militants have tried their best in their fighting to keep their control of the field. Syrian troops were surprised that the region is fully mined, and the killed rebels bodies were behind mounds, due to the density of air and artillery fire.

The sources added: “No one of the Syrian soldiers has been wounded during the assault of the field operation. But they lost two martyrs and four soldiers have been wounded by a rocket launched from outside the field.”

Syrian military sources told The Levant that the Syrian army has faced some surprises during the operation, among them an explosion that hit a gas line, resulting in a fire for hours, for the whole night.

The Syrian forces have waited for units of firefighters to extinguish the fire, the same scenario that has repeated, in July 2014’s operation to recapture the field. It is noteworthy that the two fields 101 and 102 belong to the village of Jazal, which is still under ISIS’control, were not liberated yet by the Syrian army.

Private sources told The Levant that some Syrian forces have started to move from Shaer area toward the village of Jazel, to regain control of these two fields to complete the Syrian control of Shaer’s mountain and gas fields, which are considered the largest Syrian gas fields.

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