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By: Sally S. Ali – England —

Do not dream of me
keep that ignition
that missing
inside of your nerves.

Let them hurt
love is a ticking bomb
I am your neutraliser
keeps you from exploding
keeps your ticks on.

Meet the people with a still face
Keep your smiles
for my eyes
Safe your telephone flirts
for my lips
Say them all

Hugs are fusions
our heartbeats
made us a sonata
that moves and pauses

To catch
those seconds of silence
between all instruments

to my sighs
I am in love
with you.

Sally S. Ali M.D is a Psychiatrist – Birmingham University, Poetess – Translator Ar-En & En-Ar, LGBTQIA Activist. Born in UK – England – Bedfordshire in 1989 \ 1st generation from Egyptian origin.

Sally S. Ali
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