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US-led Air Strikes Kill 7 Nusra Front Gunmen in Syria

THE LEVANT NEWS — Seven militants from Syria’s Al-Qaeda-affiliated Al-Nusra Front terrorist group, including commanders, were killed in US-led air strikes Wednesday in the northwest of the conflict-riven country, a Britain-based opposition monitoring group said.

The US-led raids in Syria, which began last September, have allegedly focused on the so-called ‘Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant’ (ISIL) takfiri group, but Al-Nusra Front terrorist organization has also been the target of some strikes.

“Seven Al-Nusra members, including commanders, were killed in at least five coalition air strikes against the group’s bases and a vehicle in Idleb province,” the director of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, Rami Abdel Rahman, said.

Most of Idleb province has been under the control of Al-Nusra and its terrorist allies.

The United States is backing more moderate rebels in their fight against the Syrian regime. Like ISIL, Al-Nusra is blacklisted as a “terrorist organization” by Washington.

Syria was hit by a violent unrest since mid-March 2011, where the western media reports accuse countries, mainly the USA, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar of orchestrating the civil conflict in the country and providing terrorist groups with money, weapons and trained mercenaries.

On May 2011, Syrian army launched a wide-scale operation against armed groups and gunmen operating in the country, who started to escape the army blows and infiltrate illegally to Lebanon.

Source: Agence France Press

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