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Iran and The Strategic Interaction With The Crises

Exclusive – By Salam al Rabadi* — Iran can be regarded as a model of strategic planning whether it : in the internal planning level or in the nature of external strategic options for crisis management and response. It is clear that Iran adopts a vision based on the construction in various fields.And this is what Iran is trying to do in order to create the objective conditions to achieve. In this context we can study the reality of strategic interaction for Iranian leadership with crises and how to manage through several aspects:

1- The military side: Iranian military strategic planning is based on: manufacturing what need the Iranian armed forces by relying on its own capabilities. Where it was producing a new type of anti-aircraft manufactured locally, capable of firing 1,100 shells per minute.Now iran has become one of the four countries which are capable of making this new weapon. As well as iran has tested the third generation of Iranian-made planes experimentally.And come to the progress in the field of combat aircraft industry.For example:”Azarakhsh” and “Thunderbolt” high-tech aircraft. The Iranian air force is planning and working on fighter aircraft development in iran without the help of foreign expertise. As is the manufacture of radars can detect enemy aircraft overflight of any kind. These radars are characterized by the presence of highly advanced technology made by Iranian specialized cadres. And the Iranian army has a very distinct capabilities in the field of electronic warfare and possession of a comprehensive and massive defensive and offensive capabilities. Especially at the level of production of various types of missiles: medium and long-range.

2- Scientific side: Iran has achieved its strategic objective to have an active presence in the field of scientific research: based on self-Iranian capabilities. Where it occupies Iranian scientists and researchers prominent place in the publication and dissemination of scientific articles. And Iran is now among the first 45 countries in terms of the quality of teaching math and science. Iran is also one of the leading countries in stem cell research. And it is one of the few countries which sent a satellite into space. In the framework of the strategic conception to catch up with the progress and development and planning towards a more advanced future Iran made a big step on the path to excellence in the field of astronomy and space and nanotechnology. So are planning to jump to the center 15 in the world rankings at the end of the year 2016. And access to nanotechnology volume of exports, to $ 20 billion annually if Iran was able to possession of only 1% of the global market share. It seems that the Iranian government is planning to be a regional center in the fields of medicine space and nuclear energy. It is worth mentioning the role played by the religious establishment to encourage scientific research and the creation of appropriate climates scientific development.Where the issue fatwas of the highest religious authorities of the legalization of cloning an animal for the purposes of scientific research procedure thereby encouraging Iranian scientists to conduct more research and studies on heredity and reproduction.

3- The economic side: Despite years of commercial and financial embargo imposed by the West and the nature of Iran’s nearly closed economy. But these facts have helped to protect Iran’s industrial base from foreign competition. Today Iran is making most of the industrial and consumer needs and most important of these industries: automotive and pharmaceutical industry. Iran has adopted in response to the US and international sanctions (Which are still going on even in different forms despite Positive breakthrough that now exists at this level) more conservative policy regarding the totalitarian economy. As a result, the failure of the penal system which was created to thwart Iran’s economic plans. Where can not for these sanctions restrict Iran’s foreign policy.

According to reports by the World Bank the social indicators in Iran are relatively high compared to regional standards ( This is despite the recognition of the existence cons in terms of how to approach the reality of poverty in Iran). The health levels have improved in the country which now occupies the advanced position in the health standards in the Middle East. And it has a large-scale social protection system for about 28 species of Insurance.Also according to the World Bank reports Iran’s family planning program was considered in the past two decades from global best practices at this level.

4- The political side: I’ve managed Iran: the result of a long-term strategy from impose its control in all sensitive strategic axes: the international and regional level. In addition to Iran’s military capabilities has become one of the key players in the region ( especially in the Iraqi file. Specifically, after the United States failed to control the security and political situation in Iraq ). Also, there is a strategic alliance with Syria and Iran of supporting resistance movements in Palestine and Lebanon. Iran has managed through the victory of the resistance in Lebanon and Gaza completely eliminate the idea or theory: The absolute superiority of Israel in the Middle East.
As a result of the support unlimited for the Syrian state in the face of constant aggression since the year 2011 it became impossible to deny Iran’s the role in palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, Yemen and the Gulf when draw any settlement or any strategy for future the Middle East.

5- Iran’s nuclear program and how to strategic planning: Iran knows to future planning level: That it can not continue to maintain regional and international status without ensuring the security and diversity of energy to secure knowledge and also the nuclear power for peaceful future generations. As is well known there are many methods of strategic interaction with crisis management and Iran is trying to through the application of strategic planning increase earnings and reduce losses to the maximum extent possible:
A – mastering how to take advantage of the crisis management and negotiation to achieve the goals you want to reach.
B – Iran gathered at once between: conflict and alliance and negotiation.

This is what is currently happening in the nature of the relationship between Iran and the US and the West. Which gives Iran: the ability to create a comprehensive conception of any negotiating process.

It is the lessons learned in how to strategic planning at the level of managing the negotiations with the international community and how to respond to crises may be mentioned the following:

1- The international status of the compressor is not inevitable for the waiver.
2- strategic decisions: do not take into account only the accounts and strategic plans.
3- The political changes within Iranian society remain in within the scope of the strategic objectives.

Thus it can be concluded without reservation: that the human potential and economic, geopolitical and military capabilities available in Iran plays an important and active role in determining the fate and future of the entire Middle East . This regardless of the nature of the political struggle and the exchange of power within Iran. For example, with the presence of reformist President Dr.Mohammad Khatami for a period of eight years in power it did not change anything in the upper Strategy for Iran at the level of its nuclear program or in its relations strategy. This too what is happening now with the President Dr. Mohamed Rouhani.

History teaches us that the countries that use the principle of integration in strategic planning are the countries that succeed in the not to enter into deadlock. And the crisis between Iran and the West we can make use of them at the strategic planning level based on how to deal with crises and then how to manage conflicts.
It looks semantics Iranian experience very important in various fields in terms of real experience not only the direct sense of the term. But the strategic sense that reveals the dimensions and features of power in the current global conflict. Which provides us with practical and concrete odel on how to deal with different forms of contemporary conflicts and crises.

*Salam al Rabadi is a Lebanese researcher and author specialized in international relations.

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