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The story of Universal Basic Income

WhY ThE MeSsAGe aBouT
UniVeRsaL BaSic InComE
iS AlloWeD to ProLiFeRatE
on MaiNStrEaM MeDiA

Thanggoulal Khongsai Manipur
has made a good and powerful statement at
The National Youth Parliament Festival 2021.
Prime Minister Modi
has even promoted him.

I am The Beast,
everyone knows me,
and I am here to inform you,
you MUST go one step further.
You must NOT
use the traditional
hoardable money
for The UBI.
If you do
then I will get BIGGER
and MORE powerful
then you can even imagine
in your worst nightmare.
and I am in everyone,
especially my disciples,
that is,
all who know not.
Jesus forgave you all
because you know not what you are doing. He was talking about money
(how it operates).
Jesus knew
that the money changers were hoarding money;
removing money from circulation
and using it
as a secret leverage device
to manipulate everything.
Now this has been going on for more than 2000 years.
The Secret Leverage Device
(today it is The US dollar)
is so big and powerful that those with the most,
cash paper US dollars,
are able to use it
to manipulate even your
And it will get worse
if the UBI is done
using hoardable money.
It wiLL GeT WoRsE.
I will vacuum up that money.
I will acquire more and MORE
every time you disperse a payment,
and then I will use this bad
trick money
to throw even other new worlds
into chaos. (The Moon, Mars)

I have seen
The Writing on The Wall,
and I have joined forces
with Angel NicGillicuddy now.
But all of my disciples are still out there; reckless, desperate, fearful
and knowing not
how money operates.
Even your Economists
rarely know anything about
declaring demurrage on The US dollar.
Ask them,
and if you need help
Angel NicGillicuddy will be with you
at the-levant.com
Write to her.

You must go one step further friends
Thanggoulal and Modi,
MORE chaos.
Mainstream Media
will certainly help you
deliver your message
as long as you do NOT take this step.
But then
like you have been for more than 2000 years in a mystery
which I know well.
You will be stuck in the world
where USURY
has control.

If you want to REVERSE
the effects of this USURY,
and if you do not want The Light
to completely disappear on Earth,
then you MUST take this one more step
add to your Message about The UBI
this statement;
‘declare demurrage on The US dollar’.

you will have PLENTY of money
to carry out your UBI plan,
you will be using God‘s money.

Yours truly,

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you should read the article called
Shibboleth and India
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