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Something Very Clever Is Happening with The Enemy’s USURY Device

The enemy sees its own usury device
being used against them.
You do that
by declaring demurrage
 on your cash paper US dollars,
the regions which do this
weaken the enemy’s USURY device,
and that includes
their emergency cash war fund.
This is what is meant by
Getting to The Bottom of It All,
not like Fake News.

And by declaring demurrage
on these same paper US dollars
stable economy can happen
even in the face of war.
It has been proven:
Worgl, Michael Unterguggenberger
Schwanenkirchen (Hengersburg)
Max Hebecker
See the article on this site,
The Worgl Story Uncensored

The “Ukrainian” war you are being shown
is not complete
unless you know this information
about declaring demurrage
on The US Dollar.
The so-called Western world wants
The Rest
to become addicted
to their (“The West’s”)
hoardable  money.

But there is an antidote
for this parasite,
which is in reality NOT the Western world
but a few unknown entities
which have accumulated
a lot of the USURY device
paper US dollars.
declare demorage on your reserve
of cash paper US dollars
and USE IT,
ultimately and pretty quickly
you will be able to balance
SUPPLY (all of the goods ready to sell
and sitting “on the shelf” already)
DEMAND (Money,
NOT Credit,
which is DESIRE)

Always remember,
it doesn’t take a lot of cash paper US dollars to run an economy
when there is a cost for
holding that cash,
and I do not mean negative interest or a tax,
I mean a physical stamp.
In these days of microsecond transactions nobody holds any other kind of money
more than a microsecond or two.

PUTIN knows this information,
Zelenskyy knows it (now)
TRUMP knows it
very well.
are winning the war.
And as a consequence we,
the workers in the widest sense,
are winning as well.

Biden, the most blatant of all
globalist image,
is shaking, angry scared, rushing around, sad and desperate because
his entity
has left him, …
more and more
Satan is “leaving the building” (Earth)

Because certain people
understand about
declaring demurrage on The US dollar
and THEIR entity, 
which supports them,
and which is NOT SATAN,
is strong in them
and grounded
and more and more helpful
day by day.
Just compare the body language
and you will see,
you don’t even need to know the language.

The Reset
is a globalist trick.
As long as the money remains hoardable liberty, freedom, happiness
is all short-lived.
Because in about 20 years,
just one generation
actually less,
the Grim Reaper comes calling;
the original cash loan giver calls,
knocks on your door,
sometimes with a big knock,
to collect the cash,
not an easy thing to come up with
even for Google, Twitter,
all the tech Giants are especially vulnerable and so they become just another
slave (black, white, any color) of
The Money Power Establishment.

For freedom,
including freedom of movement which includes migration,
Declare demurrage on your Reserve
of US PAPER Dollars
and USE them as such,
enforce the demurrage charges
very strongly,
it is very easy to do,
and much cheaper than the cost of security where hoardable money is used.

And distribute a
Basic Income with demurrage
to serve as
The Distribution Mechanism
to put all of our industries on the right path.
Of course you will need
an accurate census
to do this,
TRUMP knew this too.

Yours Truly,
Angel NicGillicuddy

Written by Russel Lee Morris

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