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Sisi threatens to cut ties with Israel over Gaza

THE LEVANT EXCLUSIVE – Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El Sisi has threatened to cut off all diplomatic ties with Israel over the ongoing aggression of Gaza. Sisi has called on the international community to urgently rally around Gaza as its people are faced with unwarranted military aggression.

According to reports from Gaza over 200 would have perished since Israel unilaterally declared war Palestinians after PM Benyahim Netanyahu swor to revenge the killing of three young Israeli settlers.

It is important to note that while Netanyahu has insisted to pin their death on the Hamas, the latter has always categorically denies any involvement. Regardless and in spite of no concrete proof the boys’ deaths came by Palestinians’ hand, Israel has chosen to exert its revenge in the most despicable and sickening way possible by systematically targeting Palestinian civilians.

Before such horrors and mounting public outrage Egyptian President Sisi has decided to intervene and use his leverage to bring an end to Gaza’ suffering.

According to Israeli media, Israel ambassador to Egypt, Haim Koren would have been told by the Egyptian authorities to transfer President Sisi’s message to Netanyahu.

Sisi made clear that he is very serious in his stance toward Gaza.

President Mahmoud Abbas telephoned Egyptian President Sisi on Tuesday evening and asked him to intervene to save the Palestinian people from the ongoing escalation in Gaza. The Egyptian president confirmed to Abbas that “Egypt is concerned about the safety of the Palestinian people and wishes to stop this dangerous attack and reach a ceasefire as soon as possible.”


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