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Showing up Daily

Showing up daily is an essential part of being an organized and loyal individual. I believe showing up daily is not only about doing the work but also about showing yourself and others that you genuinely believe in and love what you do.

By Emile Fakhoury
We think showing consistently is always smiling, motivated, and fully engaged daily.  On the contrary, our human battery is regularly utilized to keep us safe, fit, healthy, and balanced throughout the day at home and office. We end up drained the next day, and our human battery doesn’t get fully recharged for the next day.

Our day starts positively with interactions, meetings, and discussions with colleagues when we are fully motivated, happy, and energetic. We face all issues and challenges head up and tackle the tasks with high spirit; it is obvious we are having a nice day.

When drained and exhausted, we get irritated and react negatively and intuitively to our environment. We make mistakes that could cause tension and stress around us.

When we are not fully motivated but not exhausted, we tend to take a balanced approach with others and perform tasks partially not to our perfected criteria.
Knowing your human battery level is essential to planning your day, interactions with others, and decision-making.  Developing a plan to help motivate yourself to get going is necessary.

Everyone struggles with motivation issues daily; how you respond to your lack of motivation is what matters.

Remember, this is natural and cyclic and will end and start again. Be kind to yourself, experiment with strategies that increase your motivation, and ask for help if you need it. That is the right way forward.
Written by Emile Fakhoury

10 comments on “Showing up Daily”

  1. Fun read as always from Mr. Fakhoury. Do have a question:
    How does this relate to working from home and signing in by Zoom? That is also showing up.

    Keep it going.

  2. thank you Maya!

    Actually, working from home and using remote tools is quite energy consuming. We should be always self aware of our energy to control our performance either remotely or physically. Working from home will require sometimes less interactions with others but more of constant energy draining as we forget to take break and connect with others while immersed in our calls/conferences online.

  3. " Be kind to oneself "is the best message for everyone. Thanks for all the valuable thoughts on being consistent.

  4. Yes 🙌 Self-Motivation is an important thing we all should keep exploring 🤝. Keep inspiring us Emile!