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Sharjah launches 7th National Entrepreneurship Exhibition

The Sharjah Economic Development Department, SEDD, has launched the Seventh National Entrepreneurship Exhibition to support national projects and entrepreneurs and to market their products and services.

Running until 7th January at Al Khaledia District Council in Sharjah, the Exhibition is part of the Department’s strategic objectives to support the national sector and entrepreneurial projects.

During the opening ceremony, Sultan Abdullah bin Hadda Al Suwaidi, SEDD Chairman, viewed the participated booths in the Exhibition, saying, “The Department works to empower young people by providing them with knowledge and experience and enhancing cooperation between them. Such thing is helping in emerging markets and is considered a valuable opportunity for the development and growth of many entrepreneurs.”

He also pointed out that the organisation of the Exhibition is a leading step to enhance the contribution of this sector to the economic return of the Emirate. Also, it helps to provide opportunities for small and medium sized entrepreneurs to present their products and promising projects.

He called on all the concerned parties to support the businesses, initiatives, and ideas of citizens to help them achieve success and sustainability in accordance with the international standards.

For her part, Amal Jassim Habash, Deputy Director of Commercial Affairs Department at SEDD, said that the Department works on enabling the citizens of SMEs to attain success in national entrepreneurship in all economic sectors.

The Exhibition has more than 30 exhibitors from various business entrepreneurs to display their best products in the clothing, fashion, abaya, make-up, cosmetics, accessories, bags, perfumes, jewelery, and handicraft fields.

Source: WAM

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