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Shame on you! Clapping and Cheering for Palestine’s Genocide

THE LEVANT EXCLUSIVE – By Catherine Shakdam – On Wednesday sources in Gaza estimated the death toll to have reached 693, among which hundreds of Palestinian women and children.

Over the past two weeks, Gaza has been pounded from the air, battered by a storm of missiles and mortar shells all in Israel’s name, all in the name of Israel’s unquenchable thirst for revenge. As Gaza burns, its streets filled with the blood of its martyrs, its sky darkened by the plummets of smoke which rise over the rubbles; Israel rejoices.

As Palestinians taste the bitter taste of sorrow, as fathers and mothers bend one last time over the bodies of their lifeless children; broken by a pain which knows no bound and knows no end; Israel dances and clamours in joy.

As Gaza has been engulfed in a torrent of blood and pain, as a hellish darkness moved by the spirit of war has descended upon Gaza, destroyer of world, evil of men, Israel claps and sings.

Has the world gone mad? Has the world become blind and immune to human suffering?

As Gaza’s hell has invaded our homes across the globe, as the suffering of an entire people has permeated through our sheltered lives, our privileged lives, will we be able to say we did not know?

If we stand silent before evil, we become an instrument of such evil. Will we stand idle and fret as children jerk in agony, their bones crushed, their flesh torn by Israel’s missiles? Will we argue legitimacy and morality?

Have we become so blind as nations that we pretend to rationalize murder?

Have we become so blind as nations that we seek to legitimize hatred?

As Gaza dies, as Gaza suffocates, as Gaza screams in delirium of pain, Israel chants, Israel rejoices and Israel wants more …

While Israel commands nations to support its war against Gaza, while Israel commands world leaders to nod in approval as it decimates Palestinians, will we stand by and do nothing, rendered impotent by our fears?

How much blood as nations can we stomach to see spilled before anger will move our heart and reach our lips?

Can you not see the hate and irrational of Israel’s anger against the people of Palestine?

Did you not hear the clapping, the chanting and dancing in Israel as many witnessed Gaza burn?

When Diana Magnay reported live for CNN last Thursday crazed Israelis cheered to every shell and every missile fired at Gaza, calling for more killing, more maiming of Palestinians.

This week, a Danish journalist posted a picture showing Israelis celebrating the destruction of Gaza. Sickened by such morbid voyeurism, the journalist wrote in the Kristeligt Dagblad, “People have dragged camping chairs and sofas to the top of the hill. Several sit with crackling bags of popcorn, while others smoke hookahs and talk cheerfully.”

Has Gaza become Israel’s new favourite reality TV show? Can there be a justification for such amoral behaviour?

But Israel suffers no criticism; Israel is cloaked with the guilt of the holocaust. Standing on the blood of its martyrs, Israel can no longer see that it is committing onto others the very horrors which were perpetrated against its people.

How far will we allow Israel’s war narrative to push the boundaries of the tolerable?

Will we say enough when children are burned alive?

Will we say enough when children are viciously brutalized and beaten to an inch of their lives?

Will we say enough when children are imprisoned and tortured for being born on the wrong side of the fence?

Will we say no more when Israel rabbis call for the legalization of infanticide?

Rabbi Dov Lior has recently issued a ruling in which he religiously legitimized, justified, condoned and encouraged the indiscriminate killing of innocent Palestinian civilians including children by the Israeli forces.

“In the case of Gaza,” the rabbi wrote, “the Israeli military officials will be allowed to instruct even the destruction of Gaza since Israel is at war with the people of besieged Gaza.”

So it goes on … As the world cowers, as the world hides, Gaza burn and Gaza cries.

Shame on you Israel for committing genocide!


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