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Settlement continues and Terror hits Duma again Amid Ceremonies of Inaugurating the US Embassy in Occupied Jerusalem

By Madeeha Araj,


“Pay the Price Jewish Organizations” keep attacking Palestinian citizens at their homes in the Doma village, south of Nablus, which is still suffering the crime of burning a whole family, as the Israeli Army Minister , Moshe Ya’lon has admitted that the perpetrators are to him, named as Ameir Bin Oleeil, and another minor(17 years, adding some security restrictions have prevented their arrest, which gives clear and explicit recognition of responsibility for this terrible terrorist act. The Israeli judiciary and its various courts are tools used in the service of security and the occupying state in all attacks against the Palestinian citizens. They justify the crimes of the occupation and enact laws that contradict with the International Law and Human Rights. Another crime is added under the seen and hearing of the world in the Duma village, as the extremist settlers attacked a house and threw Molotov cocktails at the house belonging to Yasir Ahmad ‘Abd al-Fattah Dawabsha after they broke the external protection of a window.

The National Bureau held the Israeli PM Netanyahu full responsibility for this crime and considered failure of the International Community to carry out its legal and moral responsibilities towards our people and dealing with the occupation government as a state above the law, encourages Jewish terrorist organizations to commit more crimes against our people.

While focusing on the practices of the extremist settlers, a report issued by the UN during April which reviewed a number of violations targeting Palestinians and their property. The report pointed to the intensification of measures and violations committed by the Israeli army against many Palestinian communities in Area C, The EU’s representative has condemned the Israeli authorities’ demolition of the Union Mall main office in the Mafasir Yatta area south of Hebron and called for the return of the electricity and water equipment confiscated by the Israeli occupation army to the Palestinian communities. The diplomats stressed the EU’s position that opposes the Israel’s settlement policy, which threatens the principle of a two-state solution and called on the Israeli authorities to stop the demolition and confiscation of Palestinian homes and property under its obligations as an occupying power under International Humanitarian Law.

On the other hand, the Israeli government has approved the start of a project which includes the construction of 300 housing units in Beit El. A tender for that was published recently, and contractors toured the area joined by Beny Dreyfus, Deputy Director General of Marketing at the Israeli Ministry of Housing. In addition, the Israeli government will approve the allocation of NIS 200,000,000 for the implementation of the airlift project over the Old City of Jerusalem. The Minister of Tourism, Yariv Levin, will present before the Israeli government a proposal to increase support for tourism based on the increasing number of tourists last year. The airlift will enhance the tourism infrastructure, according to their claim as it passed over the old town and gives tourists a unique sight. The length of the airlift extended from the Mount of Olives to the Western Wall of Al-Aqsa i.e. 1400 meters. At the same time, the Israeli government is financing archaeological excavations near the so-called “City of David” in Jerusalem at a cost of NIS 60,000,000.

At the political level, officials at the Bibi government are waging a loyalty and defending settlement activities, demanding that the recommendations of the special committee appointed by the Israeli government be adopted to legislate some 7,000 buildings in some outposts and to new settlements. Evacuating the settlements in the West Bank has ended, Justice Minister, Eilat Shkid wrote on her Twitter account, adding that under the leadership of the Jewish House, a team was formed to find the legal means to legislate the settlements, and that the shame of evacuation settlement has been stopped. Moreover, Judge, Edmond Levy’s report on settlement legislation and settlement outposts in the West Bank, must be adopted.

In a hectic American attempt to eliminate the chances of establishing an independent Palestinian state on the 1967 borders with Jerusalem as its capital, preparations continue for the inauguration of the American Embassy in Jerusalem. Jerusalem Mayor, Nir Barkat has decided to thank president, Donald Trump and to name the large square adjacent to the embassy building after his name. He personally hanged a banner directing to the building of the US Embassy and the occupation authorities have also put signs on the roads leading to the embassy. “I am proud to have hung the banners,” Barakat said. “This is a historic event and we thank Trump for that. Dozens of events will be held on this day in Jerusalem, a march of more than 20,000 settlers flags will take place.

Source: The National Bureau for Defending Land and Resisting Settlements

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