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Senior Ahrar al-Sham Commander Killed by Army in Syria’s Aleppo

THE LEVANT NEWS — The Syrian Army troops’ operation against the militant groups in the Northern province of Aleppo left many terrorists, including a field commander of Ahrar al-Sham, dead and many more wounded, sources said on Saturday.

The commander of Ahmad Assaf Battalion, Abdel-Muaen Ahmad Haq Hamdan known as Abu Abdullah al-Sharae, was killed alongside many of his forces in the Syrian army troops’ offensive.

The killing of al-Sharae was confirmed by the Takfiri terrorists’ websites.

Sources said earlier today that the Syrian army and the National Defense Forces (NDF) broke through the ISIS militants’ defense lines and pushed them back from two more villages in Aleppo province.

The pro-government forces’ operation was so heavy that did not leave any safe place for the ISIL militants near the villages of al-Faysal and al-Malkiyah.

The ISIS retreated forces from the abovementioned villages and their surrounding areas after leaving behind scores of dead and wounded members.


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