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Security forces must coordinate to protect Lebanon: General Security chief

Source: The Daily Star – All branches of Lebanon’s security forces must come together to confront terrorism with an iron fist and save the country from total collapse, General Security chief Maj. Gen. Abbas Ibrahim said Friday.

“The role played by the military forces from Army, Internal Security Forces, General Security and State Security, prevented Lebanon from falling into the fire of a war and falling into the claws of terrorism, regardless of its forms and names,” Ibrahim wrote in the monthly General Security magazine.

“We have no choice but to confront regardless of the sacrifices by standing united with other security and military forces.”

“General Security has become part of the security formula in the country.”

Lebanon’s security forces have foiled several bomb plots by extremist groups following a spate of suicide and car bombings that rocked the country last year and earlier this year. The Lebanese Army has also engaged in heavy clashes with militants in north Lebanon and the northeastern region bordering Syria.

Ibrahim said Lebanon was struggling to protect itself from regional conflicts at a “very difficult and complicated time.”

“Citizens are determined and recognize the greatness of Lebanon’s message as [a country of] coexistence despite those who doubt its continuity as a sovereign united entity,” he said.

“Lebanon relies on its ancient history of communication, openness and dialogue among its components to preserve it geography from division, elimination or partition.”

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