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Secret Meetings excerpt

From the top of the wall
between the parapets,
the view is beautiful and peaceful
as Angel NicGillicuddy
and a few of her friends
visit with President Trump
on this full moon evening.

“Thank you sir.” Angel says kindly.
“It seems that ‘in person’
is the only way we can communicate
without interference
these days.
The Fake News
has been around a long time.
Moses, Jesus, Mohammed, Silvio Gesell
can tell you of their persecution, 
and so can you sir.
What good is free speech
if you can’t interact with anyone.
I look forward to free speech which isn’t just stuck on a deserted island,
with the help of our friends
David Montgomery - National World and Local Television Limited,
Quayle Munro and
Houlihan Lokey
we shall have free and interactive speech.

Trump responds,
“There’s a reason you wear that kilt,
isn’t there Angel NicGillicuddy?”

She twirls around
and the wind catches her kilt.
“Everything will be revealed!” She says.

And then Trump continues,
looking out upon The Bright Moonlit Horizon, “Paper ballots, paper money
and news papers, 
all printed on hemp.
Attention environmentalists,
your forests will grow old
and the CO2 will drop.
And there will be so much more
to surprise you
and help you to realize that
the money
and how it is managed
makes everything possible,
if it is hoardable
like The Paper US Dollar
makes everything impossible
for the long term.

Trump Money
with Demurrage (holding charges)
and TMTG
in partnership with our good friends
will bring you news of GREATNESS,
and make you smile
as you are having your coffee
in the morning
and preparing to go to work
inspired, confident
and without worries
that a recession or depression
will ever be upon the horizon again,
just a smooth, sustainable
up up up better better better.

In one year or less
The Beast
will become
God’s Kingdom,
where there is no USURY,
Shall Be Prepared
for Him To Come,
in this beautiful region
which we are admiring now.”

Angel holds her fist high up in the air. 
To Trump Money
with Demurrage (holding charges).”

And then Angel and her friends start doing
The Trump Dance Move,
and he joins them.

She continues,
“And cheers to
no more State Schools,
no more Big Government Department of Education,
nobody ever wanted it in the first place.
And cheers
to strong military and law-enforcement
for protecting all of the hard earned wealth, and which will easily be able
to manage evil
when the bad guys
lose their paper money
usury leverage device,
The Caravan invasion (much cheaper than military invasion) and all of the bad things which happen inside that
will be bankrupted.
Drug dealers will also go bankrupt
and the few that persist
will get the quick trial
and death penalty.
And cheers to the legalization of cannabis, which you have shown your support for already (pardoning many who were serving unfair sentencing)
thank you sir
President Trump.

And cheers to ever refining industry and better and better farmer support.
We don’t need a crooked government
Green Deal.
And cheers to domestic US energy
and the power for us (The USA)
and whoever wants to join us
drowning deep pocketed
in a sea of capital.

Cheers to you Sir President Trump
and the
beautiful business you and your Team
have created
for accommodating people
and helping us all to have fun
and be happy and safe and proud

Cheers to MAGA
(Make America Great Again),
The strongest greatest movement or force
The United States has ever known
and perhaps even the world.
Everyone will benefit.
We will not break, we will not bend, we will never back down, we will never give up.
We have only just begun!”

Trump smiles,
“You’re trying to make me cry aren’t you?
Thank you Angel NicGillicuddy,
and thanks to all of your friends
and thanks to all the hard-working Patriots
all over the world.

The World Economic Olympics
is coming.
May the best
lead the way,
not just the unfairly privileged ones
with the most paper US dollars
who live in The Swamp.
The Swamp will be drained.

Cheers to all the National Debts
being paid in full
with money to spare
when Trump Money with demurrage
takes charge.”

All ‘cheers’ information taken from
President Trump’s CPAC speech
Dallas Texas August 2022.

Written by Russel Lee Morris

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