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“Second Market” Platform topic of discussion at DFM rountable

The Dubai Financial Market, DFM, has organised a roundtable about the listing opportunity on its “Second Market” Platform, in cooperation with the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Dubai Entrepreneurs Council.

The discussions focussed on how private companies can unlock capital market opportunities through listing on the “Second Market” Platform, especially since availing the numerous benefits of listing puts private companies in a position for sustainable growth.

The Roundtable attracted 45 private companies representing various economic sectors.

Essa Kazim, Chairman of DFM said, “The “Second Market” provides private business owners with a comprehensive platform for trading, settlement and depository of their securities as well as strengthening companies’ public presence through DFM’s large and diversified investor base of 843 thousand investors as well as dozens of local and international brokerage firms and analysts. This will reinforce the company’s attractiveness and creates value for its owners. Alongside the numerous benefits of the “Second Market” for private companies, the listing may also represent a first step that prepares companies for potential IPOs and this is one of our main objectives in order to deepen the list of securities and provide market participants with diversified investment opportunities.”

Hamad Buamim, President and CEO of Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said, “The event supported the chamber’s efforts to facilitate the contribution of the private sector toward Dubai’s economic development and enhance the emirate’s global competitiveness. We are committed to providing businesses of all sizes with access to new opportunities, knowledge and tools that can help them thrive and grow,” he said.

“The DFM endeavours to educate private and family businesses on market developments and the favourable regulations the SCA has created in order to enhance their presence on the capital market through an accelerated process enabling them to list within a short period. The regulator and the DFM provide the necessary support during the pre-listing stage. We regularly connect with companies’ management, hold educational events and issue practical guides to support them in their preparation for the capital market’s environment.”

“The UAE has approximately 150 Private Joint Stock Companies in addition to the Limited Liability Companies, therefore this platform has huge potential and the listing will allow private businesses greater access to funds necessary for expansion. It also enhances competitiveness via the implementation of best practices of transparency, corporate governance and investor relations. These practices are crucial for any company looking to be well positioned to tackle challenges of development and growth,” said Fahima Al Bastaki, Executive Vice President, Head of Business Development Division, DFM.

Source: WAM

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