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Saudis arrested in Yemen were plotting bombings

THE LEVANT – Yemeni security forces have revealed that the five Saudi nationals who were arrested two days ago in Yemen were planning to carry out a bombing operation targeting a busy Yemeni facility where gatherings of military and civilian personnel are common. The detainees, who are all members of Al-Qaeda in Yemen, were likely targeting Houthi supporters, they said.
Although the Saudi Embassy in Yemen declined to comment on the issue, Saudi security has said that the five Saudi nationals are likely to have been involved in the recent operation against security establishments in the Saudi city of Sharoura. At least three of five individuals are from the city itself, including one with a leading role in the organization, they said.
The Yemeni national security apparatus managed to arrest a leading figure in Al-Qaeda, Abdullah Khalid Al-Sey’ari, otherwise known as Abu Hamza Al-Shorouri, who is also one of the leaders of the terrorist cell responsible for murdering 14 soldiers in the Hadramout in an operation last August.
Also arrested were Moslih Yaslam Al-Sey’ari, known as Abu Mazen Al-Sharouri, and Salah Salim Al-Sey’ari, who goes by the name of Abu Salama.
The names of the other individuals were not disclosed by the authorities.
The Yemeni government is likely to send the detainees back to the Kingdom, as has been done in the past.


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