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Saudi set to be largest producer of hydrogen in world

Saudi Arabia’s Energy Minister Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman Al-Saud said the Kingdom has plans to be the biggest producer of hydrogen in the world.

The comments were made at the Youth Green Summit in Riyadh on Sunday, which is part of the Saudi Green Initiative.

The minister said the Kingdom is “the best and biggest” exporter of oil and that it has been progressing towards chemical productions. 

“We have been moving our tank on chemicals… We will utilize our gas to enable us to create chemicals, and to turn our country into a big service hub,” he said.

He also highlighted the Kingdom produces the cheapest renewable energy when it comes to solar and wind.

Recalling the numbers mentioned yesterday at the panel, the minister said the Kingdom aims to produce 4 million tons of hydrogen by 2030

Prince Abdulaziz explained hydrogen is produced through renewable energy and water. 

“With our past records on renewable energy we created our own technology producing water by electricity instead of gas,” he said.

“We have a gas base called Jafura which will be dedicated to generating blue hydrogen,” Prince Abdulaziz added.

The energy minister said the Kingdom is approaching other countries such as Japan and those in the EU “to give us their future demands on hydrogen because we would like to be the biggest supplier of hydrogen,” he said. 

“Saudi Arabia is determined to be the energizer of the whole world,” he added.

Source: Arab News

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