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Saudi king urges ‘tough’ stance against terrorism

THE LEVANT – The head of the US-backed Persian Gulf kingdom further asked the foreign envoys to tell their leader that terrorism must be fought “forcefully and speedily,” Lebanon-based al-Manar reported Saturday.

The Saudi monarch also warned that terrorism cannot be limited and that its dangers expand beyond the region’s borders.

The Saudi despot went on to denounce the states that have not taken a position against atrocities committed by terrorists.

The report did not report whether Abdullah was referring to any particular terrorist group.

The rare Saudi statement against terrorism comes as the regime is widely suspected to finance and support various terrorist groups that operate in the war-ravaged Syria and Iraq, including Takfiri ISIL terror group  and the al-Qaeda-linked al-Nusra Front.

Iraqi and Syrian authorities have repeatedly blamed Saudi Arabia and its Persian Gulf Arab allies of fomenting terror in their nations.

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