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Saudi invests in interstellar agriculture

Riyadh-based non-profit investment arm Future Investment Initiative (FII) Institute has invested $500,000 in Interstellar Lab, a space technology company working to sustain agriculture beyond Earth. 

The French company is designing closed loop biodomes for sustaining life on Earth, the moon, and Mars, as a response to climate change. 

“Climate change is a real emergency for Earth, and we only have a small window to bring about positive change. We are developing a new framework for sustainable living on Earth and a testbed for future space missions,” Barbara Belvisi, Interstellar Lab CEO, said in a statement. 

The recent investment from FII Institute is part of the company’s latest $3 million seed round. 

The funds will be used in the development of artificial intelligence (AI) simulation-based designs “to tackle Earth’s most pressing environmental issues.”

This will pave way to solutions in waste management, zero-impact living, and resource-conscious agriculture, the statement said. 

“Inspired by the design challenge of human settlement on Mars, Interstellar Lab has forged an innovative approach to sustaining life in the absence of the abundance taken for granted here on Earth,” said FII Institute chief Richard Attias.

Source: Arab News

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