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Safety tips to shift houseplants to a new place/house

Relocation is inevitable at some point in your life. It calls for moving/ shifting articles, possessions whether big or small to the new ambiance. Of all the shifting that you make, some of the elements & things that relocate along with you need to be taken care so that they adapt well to the new environment. One such possession that you need to take extreme care is your houseplants.

Rearing & growing plants reflect the care that you provide to the environment, speak of your interests and definitely show that you can typically spend time usefully. At the end of the process, you become so attached to the plants that you grow that you never wish to separate from them on your relocation. We can help you with some safety tips to take care so that you can successfully shift your houseplants to a new place – be it to a new country, a state, a city or just a new house within the same locality. Here’s what you need to know about it –

  1. Acclimatizing analysis– A very crucial analysis that you need to make prior to shifting the houseplants. Some of your houseplants may or may not adapt to the climatic conditions of the new place. Do your homework in understanding the behavior of the plants in such conditions and decide whether you would want to carry them there. Your loved ones – friends and family can substitute your care instead in this current place where the houseplants have thrived for long
  2. Federal Regulations– This is a clause that you need to assess if you are moving to different countries or states that have specific laws around the plant care. A quick check to understand if there are laws that prohibit the transport of these plants into the new location will save time and effort later. We don’t want you to be handling surprises at the last minute putting you through the discomfort of leaving behind houseplants at unknown locations
  3. Packers/ Movers–We are the best people to care for our plants – there is no denying in it. But we might not be the experts in shifting them safely to new locations. Hire the right packers and movers who have extensive experience doing similar kind of jobs. Your packers and movers need to help you with the below
  • Insist that your packers bring the right sturdy cardboard boxes that have proper provisioning for air to flow in. This enables your houseplants to breathe while they get transported.
  • In the truck, ensure that they place your houseplants at spots that get the right amount of sunlight too. Too much exposure to the sun while shifting can harm your houseplants

These simple tips will definitely aid in formulating the right plan to shift your houseplants to the new environment. You would definitely see them thrive well in the new location. Remember that compromising on any tip can indeed affect the plants – do not take a chance!

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