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New Stage in Syria with Russia’s Interference: Lebanese General

The Levant News Exclusive – by Mirvat Sibaii –The Lebanese former Brigadier General Dr. Amin Hoteit considered in an exclusive interview with The Levant News that since two weeks ago Syria has entered a new stage of its war on terrorism, due to the intense assistance of Iran and Hezbollah.

This has encouraged Syria, currently, to change its defense strategy and to shift from dealing with targets based on preferences and priorities he added.

According to Amine Hoteit, the current stage is based on full-fledged war or all-out attack on multiple fronts and simultaneous axes.

Hoteit believes that this strategy is very important to Syria from two sides: the first one, it focuses on reducing the offensive capabilities of the fighters, preventing them from conducting raids on new sites, while the second one, it enables Syria to regain power over regions that have been, progressively, out of its control, putting an end to USA efforts aiming at dragging Syria to a war of attrition that would last for 10 years.

Consequently, from the military and strategic standpoint, the recent development could be well-suited to the Syrian national objectives as well as to those of the resistance axis, Said the former General. In addition to that, it will abort the US plans built on fragmentation and attrition as if once succeeded; it could lead to the collapse of the Syrian state, he added.

Therefore, this represents an important chance with almost certain results for the benefit of Syria and the resistance axis, Hoteit stated.

Responding to a question about the possibility of the transformation of the Russian involvement into a direct war with international parties, Hoteit said: “I believe that Russia decided to interfere taking into consideration the real facts and conditions of the NATO and USA. I believe the real facts will rule out a direct war between Russia and the enemies of Syria”.


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