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Russia Seeks to Strengthen Lebanese Army to Fight ISIL

The Levant News — Russia strengthens its alliance with Middle Eastern countries and provides the Lebanese army with military equipment, media reported.

Russia wants to promote modernization of the Lebanese armed forces and law enforcement agencies, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Wednesday at a meeting of the Lebanon Support Group.

“We give the people of Lebanon unconditional support in resisting the terrorist and extremist groups such as the ISIL and Jabhat al-Nusra,” Lavrov said.

“We confirm our willingness to continue strengthening the combat potential of the Lebanese army and law-enforcement services against terrorism,” he added.

Lavrov confirmed that both countries have signed additional agreements for the supply of “special equipment” to Lebanon. The Foreign Minister also added that Russia shares Lebanon’s concern about the growing influx of 1.5 million Syrian refugees to the country.
On Wednesday, Russia started airstrikes targeting ISIL positions in Lebanon’s neighbor, Syria. The airstrikes took place near Al Hasakah, Palmyra and Dayr Az Zawr, and hit four Islamic State tactical units, three vehicles, two anti-air artillery platforms and a crude oil collection point.

Source: Sputnik

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