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The Role of Translation in the New World

By Ibrahim Alou
Written and spoken languages are traits of human beings and that what makes us unique among all creatures on planet earth. In the animal kingdom different species developed different means to communicate with each other
For example bees communicate through dance and convey messages through that practice. Other animals can do with chemical secretions. But humans can write, read and conserve their culture and heritages through languages. What do you do with all languages on earth and how can you read other people’s creativity if you don`t understand them? That is the role of translation and I mean the one done by humans not machines, computers or Artificial Intelligence. Because to translate the outcome of human brain takes brains. You have to master the source language to begin with. Then you have to feel the state of the person who thought and wrote his/her feelings, experiences and aspirations. And that is not easy. knowing four languages gave me an upper hand at this art but it is almost as hard as creating the original piece.
Why is it hard?
I think first of all you have to be honest with the job you are doing, convey the meaning as close as possible when doing so but conveying the soul of the writer that is another ordeal. You have to be in the same mood and the mindset to be as close as possible to see in his eyes and hear with his ears.
To see the words the way he sees them and as the renowned Turkish novelist Elif Shafak once said taste them and ”Words for me have colors and taste.”
But it is fun.
When you see how people struggle to see in their perspective and preserve their accomplishments to share them with the rest of the world.
It is a never ending process out of necessity and genuinity.
Through translation we can see the other half of the world, understand their cultures and cooperate with them to make this planet a safer place for the next generations.

Source: http://ibrahimalou.blogspot.com/2018/03/the-role-of-translation-in-new-world.html?q=The+Role+of+Translation+in+the+New+World#!/2018/03/the-role-of-translation-in-new-world.html

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