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From the river to the Sea … Palestine will be free!

By Niala Hussain -“From the river to the sea Palestine will be free” – one of the many chants being yelled out during our protest to the Israeli Embassy and the Houses of Parliament throughout the streets of London, Kensington. With over thousands of people peacefully demonstrating against the Israeli war crimes committed in Gaza, it would be fair to say that we attracted the attention needed for people to listen to our message: Israel needs to stop with their war crimes and Palestinians need our support.

Some may say that these protests do nothing. This is false, the protests may not create sudden or quick change, but they are a portrayal of the Muslim Ummah [community] standing together for a just cause. Not only Muslims, but people from all beliefs took part in the protests. It should be pointed out that the Palestinian cause cannot be based on a person’s religious or political views but rather on their morals. It is very clear that what is going on in Palestine at the moment is not a war it is a genocide and an atrocity that we, as humans should be shameful of.

The war crimes committed by Israel should not be occurring in the modern world we live in today. We can cure people of diseases which were once irredeemable, but we cannot rid ourselves from the worst disease of all – hatred. Those protests you witness throughout the world are a cry of help, a message to the Palestinians that they are not alone, that they are not being ignored. But they are also a warning to Israel that it will not get away with such crimes. The world is watching and the world is speaking out.

Injustice will be rooted out and criminals will be tried.

While we made our way through London streets I realised the stark differences between my life and that of Palestinians in Gaza. As I can walk freely through the streets of London, they have been made to cower in an open air concentration camp, denied free movement and human dignity.

As I stand tall, they crawl in rubbles, as I speak up and out, they have been silenced and oppressed.

But today my footsteps were for Gaza, my voice I lent to Gaza and my strength I gave to Gaza.

The Palestinian cause has become a global phenomenon; people worldwide are showing their support holding protests on all corners of the world. In Chicago almost 500,000 people demonstrated.

In Nigeria, Pakistan, Australia, Canada, France, Germany and many more countries, people came to express their disgust at Israel, their rejections of its war crimes in Gaza.

Humanity is standing with Gaza. Those protests were the expression of our humanity, our solidarity to Palestine and the Palestinian cause.

“La Palestine Libre”, “Besplatni Palestine” “Falasteen Horra” “Viva Palestina” – Across the world, all people cried out for the same thing – The liberation of Palestine.


Our intern, Niala Hussain attended London’s rally for Palestine on July 26th. An aspiring rights activist and writer, Niala was keen to share her views on Gaza and Israel.

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