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Revelation Exposed

The Serpent
offered Eve
The Forbidden Fruit,
it was gold,
which eventually ended up being money.

Why did The Serpent
give Eve money? …
Because he wanted to fuck her.

But Eve wasn’t stupid.
She first made a deal
with The Serpent;
Before she gives her stuff to him,
he must give her something.
She knew The Serpent wanted her badly.
He was standing firm and tall,
eye wide open.
Yes, the snake can do that.

The Serpent
offered Eve
The Forbidden Fruit
from The Tree of Good and Evil.

Do you know
what The Forbidden Fruit is? …
It is
hoardable money.

Back in the days of
Adam and Eve ( when this story
was created )
was gold.
The Serpent offered Eve
gold; a golden token with his picture on it.

He made no mention that it;
hoardable money *
was The Forbidden Fruit
of The Tree of Good and Evil.

* Gold does not decay or deteriorate,
so it can be stockpiled
for use as a Leverage Device
in the act of

There was good fruit;
money which was not hoardable,
which decays like everything else Natural, but The Serpent made no mention of it.

Eve accepted the gold.
And guess what happened?
The Serpent fucked her.

And where was Adam? …

He came back a little later
with dinner and some wood.
He’s a hard
And Eve knows what he wants.

“Adam” said Eve,
very sweetly,
“do you know about money?“

He looked kind of blank. Didn’t say anything.

The Oldest Profession

Eve met with some of her friends
to talk about the gold (money).

Eve got it.
She understood all about
the trick hoardable money
and how do use it.
The Serpent showed her.
He hardly had to say anything.
Just that if you get together enough of this gold (hoardable) money,
you can get about ANYTHING you want.

“We have to get together a bunch of this gold!” Eve told her friends.
“I’ll make it into golden tokens (coins)
and stamp a sexy picture on it.

“Then, …
here’s what we do.
Start giving them out,
and not just to the guys,
give them to girls too.
They’ll all know what it’s for.
You won’t even need to tell them.
It’s just built into them; everybody,
a tiny little Beast
that wants to manipulate and embarrass
and use other people; USURY, 
to get more for itself.
IT’s in us all
to some degree.
The Natural Impulse
of Ego *
stirs it.

* The Natural God Given Impulse
to preserve my self; The Temple
of God.
Whether or not the Temple is distorted
is another matter.

And it’s (The Beast’s) most dangerous weapon,
which brings it more power
than anything else
is hoardable money;
The Forbidden Fruit
of Evil.
But The Serpent
didn’t tell Eve about all that.
And he definitely
didn’t say a word
about unhoardable money with demurrage; the good fruit,
and not forbidden.

In fact, it is …
let’s just say it’s a very important choice which each person must make
willingly and consciously;
The Evil Fruit
or The Good Fruit? …
hoardable money
unhoardable money with demurrage?
Which SEED do you choose to spread?
One feeds The Beast
and will eventually get you kicked out of
Paradise *
without even the clothes on your back.
The other transforms
refining and purifying

* the most beautiful comfortable home ever.

Well, … back to our story.
Eve and her girls started getting customers. The money gained “value”
(Oh that’s a good one,
The Serpent said to himself)

More guys started wanting money,
and doing jobs for it.
Eve gave some out
to a bunch of women
all needing some kind of hard work
I’m mean the kind like
killing some food
or protecting
against some dangerous element
or doing some heavy lifting.

The guys doing the work accepted the magical gold coins
as payment.
They looked forward to spending it.

And all the coins
gradually made their way back
to Eve.
She knew the trick!
The Serpent showed her;
he told her everything about how to use it … while they were making love that first time.
Eve had a trick of her own;
getting important, secret information
while whispering questions
into her lover’s ear.
He who has ears let him hear.

Eve began building up a secret stash
of gold coins,
which was to eventually become
her Secret Leverage Device
and keep The Beast in her
well fed
through thick; The BOOM Cycle
and thin; The BUST cycle,
the market conditions for which
would instigate and control completely; injecting money into circulation
vacuuming up money out of circulation.

The Serpent told sexy sneaky Eve
except …
he said NOTHING
of unhoardable money with demurrage;
The Good Fruit.

Oh Eve,
did she really know
who she was playing with?
I don’t think so.
She should have just stayed away
from this Tree, Adam did.
She could have still been
completely at ease, living with nature,
just eating berries and nuts
and lying in the sun
without a care in the world,
Adam doing the heavy work;
being a good
hard worker,
and keeping Eve happy,
and so
happy himself
as well.

All Is Not Lost

Because we still have
The Good Fruit ; unhoardable  money
with demurrage …
Thank God.

The Two Edged Sword
coming from The Mouth.
This Sword
comes from my mouth
and it can come from yours too.
Not a drop of blood is on this Sword.

The First Edge
“Declaring demurrage on The US dollar”. 

The Tree of Good and Evil
in The Garden of Eden
was not growing on land
which was bought and sold.

The seed
of The Forbidden Fruit; hoardable money
grows new trees full of
Forbidden Fruit.

Adam and Eve
were kicked out of Paradise
before this problem got too far out of hand.

Left still growing
on The Tree of The Fruit of Good and Evil
was, and is
The Remedy;
The Cure;
The Antidote;
Unhoardable Money with demurrage,
which makes up
The First
of the two edges
to this Miraculous Sword
coming from The Mouth.

The other Edge
has to do
with Land Tenure.

God said to Moses:
The Land is Mine.
Thou shalt not
sell it.

Man-made structures and products
are a different matter;
the rightful property
of the worker.
The Land is not made by man.

Two Laws
(from the speech
Free Land –
The Fundamental Condition
of Peace,
Silvio Gesell 1917
at Zurich Switzerland)

1. Every State which joins the great
League of Peace
abolishes private ownership of land.
The land becomes the property
of the whole population,
and is leased publicly,
for private exploitation
to the highest bidder.

2. These leasings are open to anyone,
no matter how or what he speaks,
no matter what vices he indulges in
or what crimes he has committed,
or by what infirmities he is troubled …
in short,
to anyone who bears a human countenance.

For details we refer to
The Natural Economic Order, Land Part.
By Silvio Gesell,
you can ask Donald Trump,
he knows.

Angel NicGillicuddy

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