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UAE at Arab Economic and Social Council

The UAE participated in a meeting of the economic committee, an affiliate of the Arab Economic and Social Council, which was held between senior officials today at the Arab League General Secretariat headquarters, in preparation of the 103rd edition of the council scheduled at the ministerial level on Thursday, 7th February, 2019.

The country was represented by Mohammed Saleh Shalwah, advisor to the Minister of Economy, and Ahmed bin Solaiman Al Malek, from the Economic Agreements Department at the ministry.

The session was headed by Emad bin Tariq Al Ajami, Director of the Arab and International Organisations Department at the Supreme Council for Planning in the Sultanate of Oman, which succeeded Iraq. In attendance was Ambassador Kamal Hassan Ali, Assistant Secretary-General for Economic Affairs at the Arab League.

In his speech after receiving the chairmanship, Al Ajami expressed the hope that the meeting would be a success with various recommendations and decisions supporting the Arab citizens, while also thanking Iraq for its efforts.

In his speech, Ambassador Hassan Ali asserted the importance of the meeting in preparation for the Arab Summit next month in Tunisia.

He noted the decisions of the Arab Economic Summit which was held in Beirut last month, affirming that the economy is an important matter for the Arab nation and Arab leaders.

He said they were counting on the success of the Arab economic integration institutions, and clarified that the intra-interests strengthen the factors of solidarity and cohesion and place a new brick on the articles of the agenda discussed by the meeting.

The meeting discussed the draft agenda for the 103rd edition of the council, which has at the top the report of the secretary-general on the follow-up of the implementation of resolutions of the 102nd edition of the council and the general secretariat’s activity between the council’s editions and its social aspects.

The meeting also discussed the economic aspects in the economic and social dossier of the Ordinary Arab Summit (30th edition) scheduled in Tunisia at the end of next month, alongside the implementation of the resolutions of the Arab Economic and Social Development Summit in Beirut last January.

The meeting also followed the implementation of the economic aspects of the resolutions of the Arab African Summit in its 4th edition (Malabo in Equatorial Guinea) in November 2016.

Source: WAM

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