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Retail Leaders Circle MENA Summit slotted for Dubai

As retail CEOs are adjusting their strategy to reinvent and transform their business, the 5th Edition of the Retail Leaders Circle MENA Summit returns to Dubai on 25th-26th March in Dubai.

Spotlighting a stellar line-up of speakers and renowned thinkers, the annually summit provides a unique platform for the region’s leaders to navigate a complex business environment and debate the future of the regional retail industry.

Retail Leaders Circle is the foremost global platform dedicated to shaping the future of retail and commerce worldwide, centred around the theme, ‘New Age Retail: Thriving Through Disruption’.

This year, the summit will launch its i-Zone@RLCMENA that will showcase ‘technologies’ of the future via immersive interactive demonstrations. Using the latest artificial intelligence, machine learning, facial recognition, big data, robotics, CX, UX, and more, the i-Zone@RLCMENA will reveal how smart retail is revolutionizing the way brands market, connect, and serve their customers.

The event has consistently focused on addressing regional retail agenda by providing a launch pad for several exclusive research reports, intense moderated discussions, taskforce roundtables, and in 2019 will deliver critical insights from prominent international speakers and key industry partners.

“The retail industry has been subject to intense change across all categories and channels in recent years. As digital technologies have given consumers unparalleled access to products and information, retailers and mall operators are challenged by the accelerating pace of change that threatens to destabilise the industry,” said Panos Linardos, Chairman of Retail Leaders Circle Global.

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