By Russell Morris


“They are very different.”
The Beast smiles
from deep underground
radiating love
in every direction
as he writes his first letter
to Angel NicGillicuddy
in 2008.
“Tell the children,
there are trillions
of cash paper money
which are NOT influenced at all
by “negative interest rates”
nor ANY “economic reforms”,
and which will continue
to disrupt and obstruct your progress
as The Divine Human Race.
UNLESS, you get them to formally
declare demurrage on money,
starting with The US paper dollars.
We have WAAAAY alot down here.
I do NOT mean “negative interest rates”.
I confess
that’s a trick of ours.
Well, really of yours,
but we just let it go on
and get talked about alot.
I have The Easiest Job.
I don’t do ANYTHING !
and i get payed ALOT.
Oh My God.
I can’t even tell you how much.
Mountains of money and treasure.
Quite beautiful
just like in the movie*

The Establishment,
I mean The Cash Mob Elite,
will allow their “news” Companies
to publish ANYTHING
as long as it does NOT
get right down to
the defect in your (our)  “traditional money”;
that it is hoardable.
And i don’t mean hoarded in a Bank.
I mean  in vaults
and underground
by those who already have so much
that all the money which they are “making”
can just go right on top
this underground mountain
massive hoard of cash,
and PRICELESS treasure of all sorts
In big vaults
and in caves.
“Negative interest rates”
leaves us, The Dark Forces
with more
and more money.
So much that often they,
I mean we,
go out and make a deal
to buy some priceless statue or chalice
for cash.
Just to help out you know.
and so now we have quite the majestic looking
mountains and streets.
we have streets of gold.
Real gold.
Oh I could go on.
And on.
But I must stick to my mission:
The focus must be kept on THIS money.
Because with it,
you will not need ANY NEW issues
for a very long time.
Probably never.
And it would be easy
to fund your Basic Income.
(see The Levant News “A Story about The Basic Income”)

Focusing on The Cash;
Flushing The Paper Money
out from down here
is a good idea.
There are LOTS of ways to do this.
And also
Reciprocal Trade.
But these things are already happening!
Isn’t that hilarious?. It’s like a deju vu thing. Or magic or something.
So much french i’m speaking these days…demurrage, deja vu, dossier…

The Demurrage Gang
has ALREADY been formed.
It happened several years ago
around The time of
The Worgl Money Miracle. 1933.
They are coming on strong now.
The Final Battle is getting very close.
But to tell you the truth,
which is very rare for me,
I see the writing on the wall.
I want you to know
Salinte !
To The Demurrage Gang
(Trump, Jared, Ivanka, Mike, Boris, Modi, MbS, Abe, Xi, Kim, there are more
and new leaders are welcome)
To declaring demurrage on money
The US dollars for starters.
I know
that The Demurrage Gang wants this money.
And i can see
that they know how to manage it.
Let me just say it this way,
We know each other.
But now it’s different.
Now as for all of my disciples …
That is why I want to collaborate with you
Angel NicGillicuddy.
Salainte !

Yours Truly,
with love.

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